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The Wide Roads of Pickworth

Folkingham Rd

“What wide roads?” protests the driver as he squeezes past another car, his nearside wheels two feet on the grass verge.  The narrow tarmac carriageway is the modern successor to the one-time routeway between widely spaced hedgerows that joined Pickworth to the outside world.  Some lengths of these grass verges were cultivated as vegetable gardens by poorer villagers, and on a few of these plots cottages were built.  The sketch map, based on the 1845 Tithe Award for Pickworth shows these plots along the roads near the village, and gives the names of the occupiers;  the plots on Folkingham road numbered 198, 199 and 200, then occupied by John Martin, William Childs and John Childs, are now the site of a modern bungalow and garden.  The accompanying photograph, taken from the approximate position of plot 201, shows this part of Folkingham Road, with its grass verge and modern carriageway; the bungalow on plots 198 to 200 lies just beyond the trees backing the village sign.



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