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Activities past and present of PLHG

• Plan and index of gravestones in St Andrew’s churchyard  (Available in St Andrew’s Church)

• Exhibition (2008) of Pickworth history


• Open meeting on village school and on 19th century trades

• Field walking



• Parish registers of baptisms and burials 1538 to 1812, and marriages to 1755, transcribed by PLHG (link to Registers Page)

• 18th century inventories (work in progress)

• Publications (2009):  Pickworth: A South Lincolnshire Village (link to Summary of contents of book);  and The Birth, Life and Death of a Village School  by  Rosemary Buchan.   (Enquiries about these books:  Liz Machin   themachins@gmail.com)



Synopsis of PLHG book: Pickworth: A South Lincolnshire Village


Ch. 1.  Where is Pickworth?
The village’ location and local geology, etc.

Ch. 2   Early Pickworth
Anglo-Saxon settlement.  The village’s name.  Pickworth in The Domesday Book.

Ch.3   St Andrew’s Church
Fabric of the church.  Early rectors.  The medieval wall paintings.

Ch. 4  The Anatomy of the Village
‘Open’ and ‘closed’ villages.  Village streets and houses old and new.

Ch. 5  Towards a ‘Modern’ World
The Tudor village.  Open fields and early enclosure.  A Jacobean parson, and a family in             the 18th century.

Ch. 6  19th Century Pickworth
Farming and the Tithe Award.  Religion, politics and the poor.  Trades and occupations.

Ch. 7    The Schooling of Pickworth
The village school from its opening in 1878 to its closure in 1971.  School log books, reports   and personal memories.

Ch. 8   Remembrance of Times Past
Records of parish meetings, parish registers and local families.  The First World War  (Charles Sharpe VC), and World War II (Home Guard, Folkingham Airfield).

Ch. 9   A Wildlife Heritage
Plants and animals in woodland, farmland, roadsides and in the village.

Ch.10  The 21st Century Village
Recent changes in the fabric of the village, in village life and people.


The Population of Pickworth




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